10 Ways to Save when Traveling

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10 Ways to Save when Travelling

My husband and I used to travel a lot before we had our son; we would take a few vacations a year and do it pretty cheaply too! Now that our kiddo is a bit older and more independent, we are fitting travel back into our plans. I’m sharing some of the things we’ve learned over the years on how to travel and not blow your bank account. Here’s a few tips to get you started…

Plan your Trip well in Advance
We booked our cruise 9 months in advance.   This gave us the leverage to change our dates around to find the best rate and it gave us time to save up for special expenses!  You can also sometimes get special rates on flights when you book well in advance.  Can’t help planning last minute?  You can also get last minute rates from some airlines trying to book their remaining seats.

Midweek Flying
Flights are usually much cheaper during the week rather than Friday, Saturday, or Sundays.  It can sometimes even be worth staying an extra night in a hotel to save even more on your flight!  Also, some taxis are cheaper during the week. Watch out for higher fares on weekends and nights!

Mix and Match Airlines
You may be able to fly out on one airline and return on a different airline cheaper than using the same airline each way.  Try various configurations on your flight booking.

Use your Saved Miles
Are you collecting Miles? You should!  Several credit cards these days have programs where you can accumulate miles based on your purchases. Find the cheapest flights using your miles at Mighty Travels.

Avoid Checked Luggage
Are you taking a weekend trip?  You can save a lot of money by only using carry on bags.  Remember, you can usually take one carry on suitcase and a personal item like a backpack.  However, check with your airlines.  Some will allow your first checked bag free if you absolutely need it.  This allows you to pack extra things for the kids to do on a long flight.

Plan Activities Ahead of Time
Get the most out of your stay and do your research before the trip on places you would like to see while at your destination.  Compare reviews and costs at sites like Mighty Travels Trip Planner.

Buy Groceries, Save on Food
Are you staying for more than 3 days?  Make sure to at least get a room with a mini fridge so you can store drinks, snacks, and small meal materials.  A sandwich made in the hotel is much cheaper and healthier than eating out for every meal. Keep your own bottled water in the fridge and don’t break the seal on that $5 hotel bottled water!

Use Websites that Compare Rates
The age of the Internet is awesome isn’t it?  We can now do our own research on which airline and flight plan will be the best for our budget.  We can search several hotels online at once rather than calling them up individually to try to find out rates.  I remember when I was little, my parents would stop at random hotels late at night during our travels and ask what the going rate was.  That was definitely not the best way to get a good deal!  Mighty Travels compares flights, hotels, and things to do when you need to travel.  They even compare points required for each flight and hotel!

Use Public Transportation
Instead of springing for a rental car, why not learn and use the local transportation system of your destination?  When we stayed in Toronto, we really enjoyed using the subway system to find our way around.  It became an adventure!

Travel During Off-peak Season
Different destinations have different off-peak seasons.  Be sure to check to see which is the best time for your budget to visit.  This is why you should also plan well in advance so you can work around peak season!


Check out Mighty Travels to search for the best rates with flights, hotels, and things to do!  You can also search for which flights use the least miles to get to your destination.



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  • We always make sure to get a mini-fridge and even microwave in our hotel rooms so we can warm up leftovers for snacks or another meal versus buying. Portions are always large enough to bring half of everything back!

  • Growing up we went to a year round school, which meant we were out of school in October. It was perfect for family vacations to travel outside of the summer or spring break times. As a mom, I try to book our trip off-season also.

  • Love the tips! I always make sure if I am staying a day that it has the breakfast in the morning, but if I am staying multiple days I require a kitchen in mine because I already know I’d rather cook then eat out every day unless I already planned on visiting certain hot spots to eat. I love that you added do any planning in advance to get the best deals and to use miles. I also like the fact you can get plane tickets cheaper if you book them months in advance. My husband visits us once every 6 months but waits until last minute to buy the ticket and it is extremely expensive.

  • When the boys and I go on our #70dayroadtrip, we stick to our normal weekly food budget and make almost all of our meals. You would be amazed at how inventive you can be on the road.

  • I think planning in advance is the most important. Waiting to the last minute can save money but if you don’t get a good deal then, you are usually stuck paying more. No time to comparison shop if you wait too late!

  • Thank you, I had not considered midweek flying and mix/match airline travel. I’ve pinned this post so I can be a more savvy traveler.

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