Baby Shower Cotton Candy Champagne

Our lovely Neighborhood Mom, Robyn has a new little addition to their family!  A bunch of our friends got together and threw her a lovely baby shower with lots of yummy food, desserts, and presents!  Because she has a baby girl, we did quite a few pink themed items, one of which is this Cotton Candy Champagne.

You Will Need:

Pink or Blue Cotton Candy
Champagne Glasses
Your favorite Champagne

Now you don’t need to get Cristal for this, just something yummy.  I really like Barefoot’s Moscato Champagne.  If you have anyone in the party who cannot have alcohol, you can substitute for Sparkling Cider. Display the glasses with a tuft of cotton candy in each one.  We were Team Pink for this party, but obviously you can do blue cotton candy for a baby boy. 

Cotton Candy Champagne

Pop the cork on your champagne. (Protip: use a towel on the top to catch the cork.  No one wants to deal with a shattered light during a party!)

Pour the champagne or sparkling cider over the cotton candy for your guests.  It will dissolve right away and turn the champagne into a cute pink or blue color while adding a touch of sweetness to the drink.

Cotton Candy Champagne

Cotton Candy Champagne


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