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Blue Monday – Tips for fighting Seasonal Depression

Fats Domino sang about it. Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday, Got to work like a slave all day


 It was a catchy tune but I didn’t know it was a real thing. Turns out it IS! As I understand, Blue Monday is the third Monday of January. It’s when the holiday high completely crashes down on you. Horrible weather, your New Year resolution has failed horribly, and the holiday bills are rolling in.  If you are starting to feel the seasonal depression now you know why!

Now how do we fight off Blue Monday?

Try aromatherapy?  Use some scents that you relate to happiness. Ocean Breeze? Spring Garden? Whatever makes your nose happy!

Smile more! Don’t tell me that you have nothing to smile about. FIND something. Even the tiniest thing.  When you smile or laugh your brain releases endorphins actually gives you a feeling of well being, warmth, and happiness Smiling and laughing as often as you can actually does make you a happier person. 


tips for fighting seasonal depression

Smile…though your heart is aching…Smile…even though it’s breaking… Nat King Cole, sang some words of wisdom telling us to go through life with a positive attitude.  Great idea!


Dance! Turn on your favorite jam and let yourself dance like no one is watching. Have your kids join you for a dance party. You can’t avoid smiling and being happy when your kids are delighted.

Exercise! Yes, I know you are really busy but take a few minutes just for you and exercise. You don’t HAVE to go to the gym or spend an hour on the elliptical but do something. If you can take a walk outdoors you are combining exercise AND getting some Vitamin D exposure.   Vitamin D acts on the areas of your brain that are linked to depression.

Catch up with a friend! Make a call, meet for coffee, chat online but find a way to connect with someone that makes you happy!

I also suggest having a good cry and getting it all out! Then pick yourself up, dust yourself off and know that it’s just Blue Monday and tomorrow is a new day. Let’s call it Happiness Tuesday!

tips for fighting seasonal depression


Do you have some ideas to help fend off Blue Monday? Or general Winter depression? Share! Your idea may just be the one to help another!






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  • Your post is so true. Blue Monday is very real! I would suggest getting with someone you trust and understands you. Someone who will be willing to just sit and listen. Someone who would take your conversations to the grave without uttering one word to another living soul. As the saying goes…let the cat out the bag. Spill the beans and get it all out. Sometimes all we need is to get it out! Great read.

  • The best thing EVER for my kids and I is to turn up the music and DANCE DANCE DANCE. We find ourselves laughing and breathless, but oh what fun. instant mood lifter for us.
    thanks for the other great ideas. 🙂
    The Welcoming House Blog

  • I’ve been sick for the last 4 weeks. I usually am on top of things…cookies baked weeks before the holidays. Tree up and house decorated on Thanksgiving day. Meals planned, presents wrapped, all kids of holiday treats ready for drop in guests. This year zip, zilch, zero.

    My grown kids had to take over the grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning…even the wrapping of presents. The tree didn’t get finished until about 5 days before Christmas. (Thanks goodness for Amazon online shopping, or their wouldn’t have been a single present for the kids and grand kids.) I am only just now beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    My daughters (that are still home) keep asking me when we can take down the tree, and I keep telling them “when I’ve had MY Christmas!” I’m just now able to enjoy the pretty decorations. I’m listening to Christmas Carols, and I plan to make Christmas Cookies next week.

  • I usually don’t have a problem with Monday’s because I love my job but If I do, I like to pass the time by shopping. If I don’t do that I take a nice lunch break and go treat myself to a nice lunch. Then you come back really refreshed.

  • There are studies that suggest that smiling makes us feel happy. Even if we didn’t feel it before. Similarly showing other feelings cause them in us also.
    So, if you want to be happy. Show a happy face to the world.

  • I’d never heard of this, but I suppose it happens. I like the smiling and dancing ideas. Those work for me. My kids crack me up too, while driving me crazy at the same time. 🙂

  • I don’t have any tips. Your article is timely. I just saw on television that today, January 6th, is the worst day of the year. The year. Aarggghhh..

    Hope 2014 is fabulous for you.

  • I didn’t realize there was a blue monday either! Exercise usually get’s me out of a funk while I listen to “stuff you should know” podcast – those guys crack me up.

  • I recently began to use essential oils and have noticed that some of them really do seem to improve my mood. I hope to get a portable diffuser so I can plug it in to my USB port and have it nearby when I work.

  • I have never been affected by Blue Monday. I hope it doesn’t occur for me this year. I have been fairly happy this season, and it is one of the first times in my life that I didn’t over spend for gifts.

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