Chatsters: Gabby Toy Review


I received a sample of this product to facilitate this review, however all opinions and thoughts are my own!


Girls these days love high-tech gadgets and if you can combine it with a girly type toy, you’ve got a winner! Chatsters is just that, it’s an interactive BFF that chats, dances and plays with all her accessories. When she starts chatting her eyes light up and animate. My daughter got to become BFFs with Gabby, Gabby comes with 6 interactive accessories. The interactive accessories for Gabby include an eye shadow, lipstick, a cell phone, a smoothie and a cupcake, and her dog named Sprinkles. Each of the interactive accessories can be held up to her lips and when you do, the accessories unlock special mini games, silly jokes and  make-overs. Chatsters also wear glasses that have touch sensors on them that allow you to answer questions, play games and give make-overs. 

Gabby loves to play over 25 games and activities. Some of the games include a hiccup game where you use the smoothie to stop her hiccups,  a cookie dunk game, a catch the bubbles with Sprinkles game, plus many more!  Using the lipstick and eyeshadow Gabby can be given make-overs, her lips and animated eyes change colors.  One great benefit of the Chatsters is if  any of the accessories become lost, or if your child just prefers not to use them, he/she can just use the touch sensors on the glasses or press in on the lips to make selections. 

Gabby does so many fun things, it’s  just too much to list, but here’s a few to give you an idea. 

Put the cupcake and smoothie to her lips and she’ll make eating and drinking sounds

Feed Sprinkles food by pressing the touch sensors on the glasses, give Sprinkles kisses by putting Sprinkles to Gabby’s lips

Pretends to take “selfies” with Sprinkles, blow bubblegum, and eyes fill with water and she sounds like she’s underwater

Select what color of eyeshadow you want by pressing the touch sensors on the glasses and select lip color by pressing lips



One of my daughter’s favorite way to interact with her Chatsters is with the FREE Chatsters App.  She loves being able to send and receive calls and texts from Gabby.  Also with the App,  you can play Gabby a song and get her to dance, pretend to call different salons, and take Gabby to the mall. The App, just by itself, is a lot of fun!

 There are three Chatsters to choose from Gabby, Abby and POP Star Gabby, each Chatsters comes with various interactive and non-interactive accessories. 

My daughter has loved playing with Gabby and the more she plays with her Chatsters, the more hidden games she’ll discover! With all the fun accessories, games, and the Chatsters App this will be a toy that she’s going to enjoy for a long time. I have no doubt that this will be on the “hot toy” Christmas list this year. I know my 7 year old gives her Chatsters two thumbs up!! 

 Find Gabby on Amazon or the Chatsters website at

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