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My family and I became members of the Indianapolis Children’s Museum this summer, and it is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to visit. We have already made the trip up to Indianapolis 3 times now and still have not explored the whole museum. The girls absolutely love all of the exhibits and can spend hours playing there.

They have several rotating exhibits as well as permanent ones. A map of the museum can be found here, as well as an explanation of the exhibits they have to offer here. The girls especially love the newly renovated playscape.

"Hi Mom."

“Hi Mom.”


Water play is always a big hit.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The girls love to pretend to be Dinos

  Lily theatre offers different shows throughout the year, and a planetarium has daily showings for all ages.


Mushu and Susie from the play Mulan at the Lily theatre

Admission for children two and over are $14.50 and adults are 19.50, while they offer a family membership for $155. Tickets can be bought online here. If you plan on visiting often like my family does the membership makes sense. The great thing about it though is you don’t have to decide if you want to be a member right away or not. A ticket can be upgraded and applied up to 14 days after it was purchased to a membership. There are lots of added benefits to being a member as well. If you are interested in a membership, you can find more information here.

The girls love playing at the museum. Their exhibits are extremely interactive, and I love that they are learning through play. The Children’s Museum is a real win for the whole family, and with it only being a short 2 hour drive it makes for a great day trip.  

They even have a carrosel.

They even have a carousel.

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