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Countdown to Halloween

Susie and Brendie  keep asking when Halloween is and how much longer it will be before they get to go trick or treating.  The Great Pumpkin thought the girls would enjoy making a countdown chain to Halloween.  

Countdown to Halloween.

Materials Needed:

Construction paper (We used orange and black)

Scissors and Glue

Countdown to Halloween.

Fold the paper into strips

Countdown to Halloween.

Cut the paper along the creased edges.

Countdown to Halloween.

Put glue on one end of the paper strip.

Countdown to Halloween.

Link the ends together to form a chain.

This craft is super easy and quick to do.  We did end up making 2 chains one for each girl so they would each have their own.

Countdown to Halloween.

Ready to countdown.

Now at the end of each day tear off one of their links to their chain as we count down to Halloween. 

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Susan is a stay at home mom to two spunky little girls, ages 4 and 1. She likes to keep the girls busy with lots of outside activities, gymnastics, dance, music, and seasonal sports. However, always make time to have play dates with friends and just be a kid.

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  • Such a cute and easy idea and kids love anything that they can do to see how much longer it is till their favorite holiday, Halloween is a lot of fun and from the time you get the costume to the day they get to wear it, kids get very impatient. this could be done for most any holiday, thanks for sharing idea

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