Disney on Ice presents Let’s Celebrate review

On Thursday night my daughter, a friend and her son, and myself attended Disney on Ice “Let’s Celebrate” at the KFC Yum! Center in downtown Louisville. We have seen 4 other Disney on Ice productions and this one is definitely our favorite.

Disney on Ice

The show started with Lumiere singing “Be Our Guest” with Belle, the princesses and princes, Mickey, Minnie and several other characters skating, singing and dancing. Then Mickey and Minnie told us about all of the celebrations they were about to share with and they began with a very merry unbirthday with the characters from Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio. Next up was Halloween, with our personal favorite Jack Skellington. Jack skated to “This is Halloween” from the Nightmare Before Halloween movie, and Jack and brought out many Disney villains to sing along. Mickey was offered a poison apple for a snack and this was a great opportunity for the audience to shout out their warnings and “Nooooo” was heard all over the arena.

Disney on Ice

After Jack and the villains disappeared, it was time for Minnie to wonder if she will ever find her Valentine. The Fairy Godmother made her a princess and we saw Jasmine and Aladdin, Belle and her prince, Cinderella and Prince Charming , Mulan and Shang, Snow White and her Prince Charming, Ariel and Eric and Tiana and Naveen all skate, sing, jump and twirl on the ice to favorite movie songs. Each princess’ skate sequence was enhanced by several levels of staging and a large screen at the back the ice that added to the scenery.

There was a 15 minute intermission and vendors walked around selling lights, snacks, and novelty toys. We really enjoyed watching the Zamboni clean the ice during the intermission.

Disney on Ice

After intermission, Mickey and Minnie introduced us to summer vacation as a way to celebrate. Lilo and Stitch joined in skating to an upbeat beach theme including a fire ring, Mickey, Donald and Daisy skated to a brightly colored Carnival theme and Minnie skated to a relaxing summer in Japan. Next was Mulan and Shang skating with Chinese kites and a dragon and then Tiana and Naveen skating in New Orleans. The last celebration was the winter holidays with large gift boxes, a fireplace and Santa Goofy getting stuck in the chimney! The characters from Toy Story joined Mickey, Minnie and the others for a holiday skate, complete with fireworks and light show. Finally Tinkerbell led everyone in a rousing finale and then the show was over.
Disney on Ice

Our favorite parts were Jack Skellington, Ham and Rex from Toy Story and seeing Stitch skate. Goofy on a surfboard got a lot of laughs too. This show is typical Disney: magical, loud, musical and cheesy, and it is good fun for the entire family. There are plenty of scenes with the princess, but a lot for no-princess fans to enjoy too, it is a pretty equal balance for everyone.

Tips: *The show last 1 hour and 40 mins, including the 15 minute intermission.

*There is not really a bad seat in the arena, and sitting higher up in the rows will give you a good perspective of the entire show, the lighting reflecting off the ice and the screen at the back of the ice.

*Traffic on Main Street is very heavy, with construction, lane and road closures and Cinderella at the Kentucky Center going on also. However long it usually takes you to get to the Yum Center, add at least 15 minutes this weekend.

*Parking is available in the garage under the Yum! Center and is reasonable, easy and close. The elevators will take you directly to the plaza level where you enter the building.

*The least expensive souvenir is $8, the most expensive was $30. There are 2 photo opportunity booths for your child to have their picture taken with themed backdrops for a fee.

*There are the typical sweets and snacks available for purchase and also several food stands with hot dogs, pizza, wraps, etc if you need something more substantial.

*When leaving, feel free to take your time and look around the Yum! Center. Windows overlook the Ohio River and there are several lounges and seating areas to hang out in. Beats sitting in traffic inching your way out of the parking garage.

Tickets are available for purchase from Ticketmaster!

Disney on Ice

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