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DIY Comic Book Phone Case Cover


I love unique phone cases for my phone, but I can never truly find something that I really like.  However, I found you can easily make your own phone case with any kind of paper, fabric, or other various crafty things you probably have around the house.

We have a bunch of very old comic books that my son likes to flip through.  They aren’t really worth anything, and we picked them up at a flea market for a dime each.  They are older comics of our favorite superheroes though, and the paper is perfect for this project.

You Will Need:

Old Comics, or other decorative paper
Mod Podge
Clear Hard Shell Phone Cover (links to some on Amazon for various phones at the bottom of this post)

Cut out sections of your comic book for a collage style, or use a whole panel.  The old comics have the best paper for this because it’s more porous, but the new shinier paper will work.  I opted for a collage style.

Comic Book Phone Case Cover

Use your Mod Podge like glue and coat the back of your paper.  Position the paper on the back of the phone case. You have a little wiggle room, but don’t move it too much or the paper will tear.

Comic Book Phone Case Cover

Don’t worry if you have a few uncovered places.  When you like how everything is positioned, apply a thin, smooth coat of Mod Podge on top of the entire case.  It will look smeary, but it will dry clear. 

Comic Book Phone Case Cover

You can continue to layer more pieces on top if you aren’t happy with the outcome, just make sure to coat the entire thing with the Mod Podge.   For this phone case, I would go for two coats to make sure you have something very durable that will stand up to hand oils, etc.  When it is dry, cut out the holes in the case for your camera, flash, etc.  

Comic Book Phone Case Cover


Links to Hard Clear cases for different phone models:

Samsung S3
Samsung S4
Samsung S5

iPhone 4
iPhone 5
iPhone 6

Comic Book Phone Case Cover


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