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DIY Fabric Refresher Spray

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year, Spring is a close second.  I love opening the windows and letting the crisp fresh air in.  One of the things I do during my daily cleaning routine is freshen up the fabrics in the home.  With the air blowing in the windows, it makes everything smell amazing!

My fabric refresher spray is something I make myself, it is SO easy to do, and MUCH cheaper than the “breeze” in the stores.

You will Need:

1 cheap spray bottle
1/2 – 1 cap full of laundry scent booster
warm water

Take your favorite laundry scent booster, and use 1/2 to a full cap of the melts. 


Pour them into a clean spray bottle.  I picked one up at the dollar store, or you can reuse another empty spray bottle after fully washing and rinsing.

Fill the bottle with warm water and shake.  The melts will dissolve and you will then have a wonderfully smelling spray that you can use around the house on your fabrics!




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