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DIY Hairbow Holder Plaque Craft

Six months ago when my husband and I bought our house we decided that we would paint and decorate one room at a time until the entire house was complete. Fast forward to today and we have one room complete! I see that this is going to be a slow and arduous task.

Since we purchased our house from a company that flips houses our house was move in ready with fresh paint in all of the rooms. Since it required little to make it livable we decided to start with our 4 year old daughter’s room. We scoured craigslist to find cheap items that we could update to fit to the theme. After a week of sanding, taping and painting we were finally done and ready to add the finishing touches. I had grand ideas of ways to make my kids room the coolest kids room imaginable. I found a few cute pieces here and there but the focal point of the room was going to be the wall on the side of the bed with quotes and art and all that jazz!

I rounded up materials, started the project and hit the creative wall. I wasn’t happy with my ideas or the materials. For months her room sat unfinished, waiting for me to finish. Waiting, waiting and waiting. I lost momentum and it sat unfinished for at least 3 months. A few weeks before Christmas I was visiting family in the Evansville area and came across a huge scrapbooking sale at the Joanns Superstore. I purchased the entire Heidi Grace clearance section with no idea what I wanted to use it for, but it all matched and was super cute. I added it to my craft room hoard and went along with my business.

Yesterday while helping my daughter clean her room inspiration struck and I immediately seized the opportunity to finish her room. I also decided to make a hair bow holder since the drawer in the bathroom was taken over. I was amazed at how simple it was. For under $15(a lot less if you have stuff on hand) and about 15 minutes you can create a unique hair bow holder!


Materials Needed:
A wooden plaque- any size (they range from $1-$8 at Michaels)
Mod Podge (you can do Glossy or Matte finish!)
Paint brushes
Acrylic paint
Scrapbook paper
A pencil
Letter Stickers (I used the Cricut to cut mine out, but stickers would work just fine)
10-20 inches of ribbon, depending on how long you want it
A hot glue gun and glue

  • Gather all of your materials. Trace the pattern of the TOP of the wooden plaque on your scrapbook paper. Cut the pattern out and sit aside.

Hairbow Craft

  • Paint the sides of the wooden plaque and let dry.
  • Once the paint is dry, apply the Mod Podge to the top of the plaque and place the scrapbook paper over it. The larger the plaque the more difficult this part is, it tends to bubble up, even when you carefully apply it from edge to edge. I found that once it sat for a minute it was easy to press the bubbles out.
  • Apply the letter stickers at this point, and then mod podge over to create a glossy finish.
  • Let sit for a few minutes until completely dry. Once its dry place the ribbon under to find where you want them to sit. I used a glue dot to position them, then flipped them over and hot glued it down. I used a grosgrain ribbon, and needed to trim them to match once I got them glued on. I then used a lighter and ran it over the edge of the ribbon to seal it so it wouldn’t fray.
  • Add any additional embellishments if you choose and that’s it!!


Hairbow CraftHairbow Craft


I consider myself pretty crafty and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make a custom hair bow holder! I used the same technique (minus the addition of ribbon) to create plaques with quotes for the focal wall. The possibilities are endless.

 DIY Plaques for the Wall

Thanks to our friend Christina for this awesome craft!

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