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DIY Heart Valentine Pillows

Susie is your typical five-year old little girl and obsessed with all things pink, purple, princess, hearts, and smiley faces. She was recently given a tie blanket by her Nana and Grandpa, and it is her favorite blanket to snuggle with by far. She not only loves the pink and purple colors but it is warm and soft as well. I thought with Valentine’s day quickly approaching that it would be fun to make some a small heart-shaped tie pillow to accompany her new favorite blanket.


  • Fleece
  • Scissors
  • Pen or Chalk 
  • Polyester stuffing


The first thing we did was to draw out two same sized hearts with our marker and cut them out.

Mark and cut out 2 hearts

We then made 1 inch cuts all around the perimeter of the pillow, and began tying the edges together

Make cuts all around the perimeter of the heart and begin tying the edges together

Once the pillow only had a small opening left to be tied, we begin we stuffed the pillow.

Stuff the pillow

Lastly we tied the remaining few pieces together and then it was time to try it out.

Nap time. I am often intimidated by the thought of making things because dealing with fabrics and sewing is not my forte. However, this was a real quick easy craft that only took us both about 20 minutes, and now Susie has a great little Valentine pillow to enjoy. I will definitely be making one for Brenda to snuggle with as well in the immediate future.

DIY Valentine Heart Pillow

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