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DIY Magnetic Seasonal Doorhanger

Susie and I recently went to a craft sale where we saw lots of people selling wooden signs adorning children’s names and designs. We decide that we thought it would be fun to make one for Susie’s room, so off we went to a local craft store. They had wooden door hanger signs as well as lots of wooden craft designs, so we bought an assortment. Susie wanted to start painting as soon as we got home. 


We painted all of our wooden treasures.

After everything had dried thoroughly we cut up old refrigerator magnets and glued them to the door sign and the backs of all of our treasures.  We added some glitter around the sign at Susie’s request and used a Sharpie to write, “Susie’s Room”

A heart for Valentine's day

All little girls love flowes.

Susie and I had a great time making her new door hanger. She really loves that she can change out what treasure is hanging on the door. I spent about $5 on a sign that would have cost $20 at the craft bazar and we had a lot of fun making it. I look forward to finding new seasonal treasures to our door hanger collection. I am thinking maybe a sun for summer, a tree for Christmas, and an Easter egg for easter. The possibilities are endless. 

DIY Magnetic Door Hanger

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