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Easter Craft – Footprint Carrot

It’s Easter Craft time! We recently made a Footprint Bunny and of course a Bunny needs a Carrot! So we made one of those as well.  Our 7 year old was happy to be the foot model for this fun carrot! 


What you Need:
Paint – Orange and Green

Dip your child’s foot in the paint. Make sure it is well covered.  Stamp the foot onto the paper. Set it aside to dry.

Footprint Carrot


After the foot stamp is fully dry. Take your paintbrush and paint the greens or leaves.

Footprint Carrot2


Once it dried  I added the child’s name and the year with foam letters. Next we framed it.

We will keep it out through Easter. Once the holiday is over I will tuck the frame away with other decorations and next year when we make our new one we can compare how much his foot has grown! 

I know there won’t be too many more years until my big boy won’t be willing to make footprint art.

I cherish each one!

Footprint Carrot



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