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Easter Fun with Oriental Trading





We love Easter Egg Hunts. They are a favorite part of our family Easter traditions.  Last weekend we got together in the park to play, picnic and have an Easter Egg Hunt with friends!


This year we enjoyed some great products from Oriental Trading at our hunt.  It started with the great quality eggs. I was so pleased when I got the plastic eggs out of the package to find that they actually clicked and stayed together! As you know that is not always the case with plastic eggs. These worked wonderfully with our candy choices!  Some of the things I included in the eggs my family brought to this Easter Egg Hunt were Starburst Easter Fun Packs,  Palmer Chocolate Rabbit Ears, and Gummy Bunny Teeth.   The bunny teeth were not only cute they were also declared yummy!

Easter Egg Hunt 5


We had our Easter Egg Hunt in a park so we wanted to be able to mark for our kids where to hunt. I received Orange Traffic Cones from Oriental Trading and they worked great for this! One of the Moms and I went out to pick a spot and marked it off while the kids were playing in the park then the adults took turns “hiding” eggs in the grassy area. 

Easter Egg Hunt 4

It was soon time for the kids to line up and they could barely contain their excitement!

Easter Egg Hunt 9

Easter Egg Hunt 2

 I was happy that they knew exactly where to hunt or they would have been all over the park looking for eggs. 

Easter Egg Hunt 7



Having our Easter Egg Hunt at a park gave the kids a chance to play and have fun with one another. They all enjoyed the Egg-Citing Egg Spoon Game Set. I loved the quality and that we can use it again and again! 

Easter Egg Hunt 6


We had such a great time with our friends! It is always so much fun to get together and watch our kids have fun and marvel at how much they have changed over the time we have known one another.  I am already looking forward to next year! 

 The only thing I regret is that I went off and left at home my bag with Bunny Whistles and Pullback Easter Bunnies in it!  I will just have to add those things to our family Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday. 

Oriental Trading is great for all of your Holiday and Party needs. Their selection is huge and prices are very affordable! 

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