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Easy Scarecrow Craft

Look how little my boys were when we first did this! I am planning to do it this weekend with the girl and thought it would be fun to see the boys efforts!

This weekend the boys and I were talking about Fall and the fun things we are looking forward to doing.  They asked if we could make a scarecrow which sounded like a good idea. However, they meant stuffing some of their old clothes with hay and it happens to be August and we don’t live on a farm and I don’t have any hay handy so they had to settle for doing a scarecrow craft. 


What you Need:

Paper Plate
Construction Paper – Various Colors including yellow
Peach Paint or Orange & White


My plan was to paint the paper plates orange for pumpkin head scarecrows but my boys did not agree with me so I had to mix orange and white paint together to make peach skin toned paint for them.


They took off on their own pretty quickly after that. Each cutting out a hat  and bow tie for their scarecrow (or scary crow as our Great Grandma calls them).

Easy Scarecrow Craft


 We took our yellow construction paper and made hay hair poking up from his head and out the sides. Each boy interpreted it in his own way. 


Easy Scarecrow Craft

For me, part of the fun was watching how serious they got about the placement of the hay on their scarecrow. This was important stuff! 


Easy Scarecrow Craft


Make sure when you make yours that you add eyes and a mouth. We decided not to have noses on ours. Scarecrows don’t need to smell anything, ya know.   

Easy Scarecrow Craft


We had a lot of fun making this quick, easy scarecrow craft and can’t wait for Fall to get here so we can make a real scarecrow. These will do until then! 

 Easy Scarecrow Craft

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