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Easy Way to Pit Cherries

I was at Lucky’s Market yesterday and they had cherries on sale for $0.98/pound! That is such a great price that I couldn’t resist picking up a huge bag. My boys love cherries but can’t deal with the pits and pitting them is such a pain. I HAD to figure out a quick, easy way to pit cherries. 

Pit Cherries

I was on a mission so I looked around the house to see what I could use for this task.  Hey! I could use a straw like I do for strawberries! Nope, it wasn’t sturdy enough to push through the cherry. Okay, what else do we have. Oh look a sucker! I could use the sucker stick! This wasn’t a bad choice except the juice of the cherries started to soften the stick after a few were pitted. 

Okay, so I need something that is not very big around so it doesn’t take much cherry goodness with it but sturdy enough to go through the cherry easily and push out the pit. I was feeling defeated until my 6 year old got out a notebook and pencil to draw with. Hey! A PENCIL! We have tons of unused pencils in a drawer from holidays and events. You know, the ones with a decorated wrapper around them with leads that tend to break really easily. 

This was my answer! I popped out the eraser and pushed it through the first cherry. SUCCESS!  I was so excited about my discovery that I wanted to share it with you!  Check out my video below to see it in action.

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