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Family Fun in Pigeon Forge at WonderWorks!

We received tickets to WonderWorks in exchange for this review.  Opinions expressed are 100% my own!


We had so much family fun in Pigeon Forge at WonderWorks!  It is located in a beautiful, giant mansion that appears to have been tossed in place by a huge tornado. The facade of the house is upside down and shows cracks. It looks so realistic that the 6 year old wanted to know if the cracks were real and if the house was safe.  Inside the lobby you look up and you see the floor of a room when you expect to see the ceiling! 




WonderWorks has over 100 hands on exhibits.  We experienced the feeling of an earthquake and hurricane winds!  We stuck our hand inside a Tesla Coil to experience lightning and stuck our hands in water as cold as that surrounding an iceberg! We learned about a pulley system and tried to lift our own weight by pulling a rope with pulleys.  (sticking your tongue out makes it easier)



Both boys climbed the rock wall.  The 7 year old scaled it like it was nothing. Of course he is part Spiderman/part monkey so I  really had no doubt of his ability. 

After scaling the rock wall he and Daddy set off to explore the largest indoor ropes challenge. It’s 50 feet tall!


 While they were doing this the little and I played basketball, flew a fighter jet, pretended to be an astronaut and played in a rocket. 


 There was a Bed of Nails to lie upon if you were brave enough. One of us was brave enough!


There was a shadow wall, air hockey with no air and no hockey puck,  an astronaut training challenge, Xtreme 360 Bike challenge,  a virtual Army experience, alien stomper and so many things to do!  If you enjoy music there is a giant piano, harp without strings  and a magical box that plays music according to the way you move your arms inside. 


 WonderWorks has something for everyone in the family! We will definitely be going back the next time we are in the area. 

 Sadly we didn’t get to experience the Wonders of Flight as storms were expected the day we were there so the balloon was grounded. We also had to miss the Wonders of Magic as we were on the way out of town and couldn’t stay for a show. We look forward to experiencing both of these soon! 

  You can connect with WonderWorks on Facebook and Twitter!

  If you have any question about Pigeon Forge the folks at the Pigeon Forge Visitors Center would be happy to help!




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