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Famous Figures of the American Revolution

We received a sample of this product to facilitate this review.  Opinions are all our own.

Happy Independence Day!  My 5 year old loves the stories of how the American colonies became the United States of America.  He loves to pretend that he is George Washington, his favorite American… ever.  Making moveable paper versions of some of the notable people from the American Revolution was definitely a highlight of this kid’s week.


Famous Figures of the American Revolution, by Cathy Diez-Luckie, was designed for children ages 6-12 to make movable paper action figures for playacting important moments in the founding of the United States.  It includes short biographies about each person and their significance in the Revolution, a suggested reading list, and directions for making the ten movable figures. 


I really, really appreciate that this book includes TWO copies of each character; one is in full color and ready to cut out, while the second is in black and white.  I seriously thought about cutting them out and laminating them for extra durability, but of course not until after we had already made a few.


Big Kid took one look at the book and insisted we make George Washington first.  I will say this: while the figures are nicely designed for easy cutting (no cutting out each individual fingers on a hand!), the level of skill for cutting these out is just a tad bit past my guy’s current skill level.  If it wasn’t so important to him that the figure be exactly “right”, I would have let him do it all, even if the figure came out looking a little raggedy; however, he ended up handing over the page for me to cut apart the pieces because he wanted them to look just right.


Once I had the pieces cut out, punching holes with a mini-hole punch and using brads to put the figures together took about five minutes.  He loved doing this part, but not as much as he loves playing with the figures.  The whole process of putting him together took about 20-30 minutes, which is about the limit of little brother’s patience, so I said we could make another figure the next day… and the next. 


These boys have had the best time playing with their “friends” from early American history, while learning more about the founding of our nation, just in time for Independence Day celebrations.  However, the moveable figure fun doesn’t have to stop with the American Revolution.  We found out there are also moveable figure books about ancient civilizations, medieval times, the Civil War, and dinosaurs!

You can find this book on Timberdoodle, an amazing website that is full of resources for homeschooling families, and anyone looking to further their children’s education at home!


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