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Father’s Day Coloring Page T-shirt

My daughter loves arts and crafts specially if it involves coloring!,  so we  turned one of her coloring pages into a t-shirt for grandpa for Father’s day. 

You will need: 

Plain Tshirt (White preferred)
Iron-on Printer Transfer Sheet
Coloring Page
Markers Crayons, or Coloring pencils

Father's Day Coloring Page Tshirt

First, have your child color the image to be used.

Father's Day Coloring Page Tshirt

Once done, scan it into your computer and flip the image (this can be done using photo shop). Print your image into the iron-on transfer sheet.  There are some printer settings recommendations depending on the type of printer that you have, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions found inside the iron-on transfer sheets package. 

Preheat Iron to the “cotton” setting.  Place your printed image face down on the tee. 

Father's Day Coloring Page Tshirt

Using firm pressure, iron on each area of the sheet for 20 seconds making sure to lift iron completely when moving to a new position.  Continue this process until you have completely ironed the entire sheet.  Be sure also to cover all corners and edges.  To peel hot, wait until you are able to touch the transfer and remove baking paper using a smooth, even motion for a matte finish, or, to peel cold, wait for the transfer to cool for at least 2 minutes and then remove the baking paper as before for a gloss finish.

Father's Day Coloring Page Tshirt

We also turned the colored page into a card!  

Father's Day Coloring Page Tshirt

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