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Fingerprint Christmas Tree Keepsake Art

I love handprint, footprint and fingerprint art!  As my kids grow we look back at what we created last season and see how much they have grown and changed.  One of my absolute favorites is a fingerprint Christmas Tree keepsake. This is a simple craft that you can allow even a toddler to participate in and do mostly on their own.  Ours is done on a simple piece of white tile that can be displayed yearly at Christmas. 

Whether you choose to use tile, canvas or cardstock you will draw the outline of a Christmas tree on the surface and then allow your child to dip their fingers in green paint and dot inside the lines of your tree drawing to create the beautiful tree. Once that has dried you can allow them to dot on ornaments with another color or keep it simple like ours and add just a thumbprint “star” at the top of the tree.   Don’t forget to add the year it was made.

We have a simple poem on the back of ours and my son signed his name below the poem. You can choose to place your poem on the front or back but it definitely makes the tree a little extra special! 

My fingerprints

Are in the tree

So when I’m older

You can see

How very small I used to be.


This would make a great gift for Grandparents! It’s also a nice classroom project to send home as a gift to the child’s parents.

Fingerprint Christmas Tree

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