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Frozen in Time Memories Frame

Brenda is growing up in what seems to be the blink of an eye. I am constantly finding crafts and projects to do with Susie. Susie is constantly on the move, and all too often poor Brenda is left to tag along for the fun.  Today that was not the case though. Today was all Brenda and her craft. I have been wanting to make something with her hand and foot prints for sometime and I finally found the perfect one. 

I found a cute wooden picture frame at a local craft store for only a few dollars. The frame had 3 places for pictures, which would be perfect for our Frozen in Time Memories Frame with a hand, foot, and something else.

I set out for B to paint the frame, but she had other ideas.

Frozen in Time

 After a little encouragement though she figured it out.

Frozen in Time

While the frame was drying we put our hand and foot prints on two pieces of paper to place inside the frame. I decided to let B paint a third piece as her own masterpiece. 

She really liked the purple paint.

Frozen in Time

After everything was nice and dry we assembled our frame and put it out to display.  I absolutely love it.  I think I may find a current picture of B to add to the center though, I haven’t decided just yet. What do you think?

Frozen in Time Memories Frame - an easy DIY memory frame

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  • I remember doing silhouettes when I was a kid where you use a light to create the silhouette on the wall and then trace around it.

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