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Fun Indoor Summer Ideas

It’s been awfully hot here this summer.  Combine that with the humidity, and it is miserable outside.  We have our share of pool days, but sometimes, we just want to stay at home in the lovely a/c and do fun projects!  Here are some we have done and are looking at doing this Summer!

1.  Make Tie Dye T-shirts and pillow cases

Tie Dye isn’t just for reliving the 60’s!  It’s also a fun and creative project you can do together.  I LOVE this kit from Tulip.  It comes with 5 colors, multiple sets of gloves and rubber bands, AND a set of refills for each color.  We did 2 shirts and 2 pillowcases, and had PLENTY of dye leftover, not including the refills!  I am planning on having a fun tie dye and splash party with our friends!

Tulip Tie Dye kit

2. Perler Beads 

Use tweezers or your fingers to put the beads on pegboards.  When your design is complete, use an iron to melt and fuse the beads making a fun craft!  It’s great for helping with hand coordination, and it uses the imagination.  This kit was super cheap and includes a ton of beads.

Perler Bead Kit

3. Friendship Bracelets

Before there were plastic loom bracelets, there were good old floss friendship bracelets!  I know I had my handy floss case that I would use to hold my bracelet as I tied those knots.  We’re going to use this to get lots of practice and coordination for tying shoelaces, as well as making cool gifts for our new classmates when school starts.

Friendship Bracelets

4. Build a Terrarium

Ever since I ordered a premade terrarium for my mother in law for Christmas one year, I have always wanted to make my own.  So we are going to get a kit and a glass terrarium globe and make our own!  I think they look so magical, and I’m sure the kiddo will love to design it.

Terrarium Kit

5. Make Ice Pops

The kiddo was begging me daily to make ice pops.  He already had ideas for his own “recipes” which ended up just being orange juice and cranberry cherry cocktail juice.  I have to say they turned out pretty amazing!  It’s so super easy to make your own simple concoctions, or you can look up yummy recipes like our Strawberry Cheesecake, Banana Oreo, or Patriotic Pudding popsicles.  Just grab some ice pop molds, and concoct away!

Strawberry Cheesecake Frozen Yogurt Popsicles

6. Build a Gnome/Fairy Garden

So technically this one doesn’t have to be indoors.  We recently “planted” a gnome garden in our front flower bed.  It’s tucked away behind the rose bushes for a cute secret gnome village feel.  The kiddo thought it was super cool to get to make all of the decisions on where things should go in the garden.  I’m kind of thinking the gnomes may need to get a few mini box deliveries of new items for their garden…

Gnomes not your thing?  Fairy gardens are also all the rage right now, so the gnomes tell me.


Fun Indoor Summer Ideas


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