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Getting Organized: Playroom and Toys

We have a decent sized house, but several SMALL bedrooms.  There are only three of us, so the extra bedrooms get re-purposed as an office, and a storage room.  The problem with having a “storage room” in your home is things get dumped in there and forgotten about. It becomes a catch all for clutter.  Our goal this year is to organize our home and de-clutter.  It will be a massive undertaking!

Our son has grown out of a lot of his toys, but has no room for his new big boy things!  We have been clearing out the storage room, of which most was junk, and turning it into our son’s very own playroom.  He is so excited!

With the storage room cleared out, clean, and a new window installed (replacing all the windows in our home ourselves, a whole other post!), we started by purchasing a large storage cube shelf.

 Playroom Organization

IKEA Expedit 4X4 Glossy Red
IKEA Lekman Box, White
LEGO Square Stacking Basket

It was surprisingly easy to put together and feels extremely sturdy.  For the price, I think it was a great buy.  Ikea has all kinds of baskets, drawers, etc that you can add on to it to personalize and make efficient use of the cubes!

Still to do:
Paint.  4 year old is insisting we paint the walls yellow and make it look like Spongebob.
Chalkboard wall.
Mount television.
Finish the trim on the new window.
DIY LEGO table

Look for upcoming blog posts on our progress, and wish me luck!



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