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We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

we're going on a bear hunt

In our homeschool this week, we have been reading We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, one of our family favorites. We have talked about positional words in the bathtub with toys (over, under, through, in, out), watched Michael Rosen tell the story on YouTube, and have played a couple of games I found online. Since today is the last day of our unit, I wanted to do something fun, so last night I set up the backyard for us to have our own bear hunt today!

My older guy was so excited, he could hardly wait! First, we went through the long wavy grass, which really is long and wavy! This is probably one of the few times I’ve been glad to have tall grass because we haven’t been able to keep up with the mowing. 

Then, we went through the deep, cold river. The river was aluminum foil with a little support from our slide to help the water flow.  This was a big hit, so we had to get out some water-loving animals to play with, too.

Next was the thick, oozy mud in our dig box.  Our dig box dirt isn’t really that clay muddy feeling.  Neither of the boys really played here for long, but it was still fun having some “mud.” 

We walked around some of our trees for our forest.

After that was the snowstorm, which we made with flour in a colander.  I just waved the colander over their heads and the flour sifted through and drifted down like snow.

And then… the cave! This was just a queen fitted sheet over the top of an old two-person lawn chair. I couldn’t go in the cave, but the boys had no problem squeezing in there.

What’s that?!? It’s a bear! QUICK! Back through the cave… the snowstorm… the forest… the mud… the river… the grass…!

We went back through everything and wound up on the swing and threw towels over our heads to pretend to be hiding in our beds. We had so much fun, this was the afternoon outside entertainment for about an hour. We had to take a break for a nap, but I fully expect we’ll be back out playing again this evening!


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Mindy is a homeschooling mom to two active boys and wife to a computer geek. Reading is such a passion, she dreams of lounging in library like the one from My Fair Lady. Since that is not likely to happen, she shares her love of books with her children. As much as she would like to be a kitchen goddess, cooking means dishes and washing dishes is a thorn in her side; frankly, you will probably never see a recipe post from her, unless it involves making play dough. When not busy homeschooling and playing with her two boys, ages 1 and 4, Mindy spends time browsing Pinterest for new DIY ideas, books to read, organization tips kids' activities, and sewing projects.


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