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Green eggs are yummy

My girls love all things Dr. Seuss, one of our favorite books is Green Eggs and Ham. We love the predictability of the book, the illustrations, and the rhyming. I love that has the moral of encouraging the girls to try new things. We decided in honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday we would make green eggs for dessert.


We dumped the vanilla pudding mix into a large bowl.

Added 2 cups of whole milk.


We added several drops of green food coloring.


We started stirring.


After stirring for 2 minutes we finally had green pudding.


We divided the pudding into bowls and placed one vanilla wafer in the middle of each bowl of pudding.


Finally, we shook on some black sprinkles for pepper.

 We placed our eggs in the fridge for about 5 minutes and then they were ready to eat.

Green Eggs and Ham

Susie loves helping in the kitchen. Green eggs was a great easy way to incorporate some of the books we read regularly, and give Susie a chance to help me cook. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss. We would eat Green Eggs and Ham anywhere. 



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  • Oh my gosh that is so incredibly creative! I never thought about doing green eggs that way! Nice job! I do green eggs the old traditional way for St Patrick’s day… green food dye in eggs for breakfast.. but this is fantastic. I’m going to steal this one for sure! Thank you!!! 🙂

  • This is really cute, I love the idea. My kids and I love the Green Eggs and Ham book by Dr. Seuss. I will definitely be doing this with the kiddos.

  • This is a very cute idea! Green Eggs and Ham is my most memorable story by Dr. Seuss. I didn’t think about having green eggs in a dessert form before.

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