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Handpainted Canvas Tote Bag Valentine’s Kid’s Craft

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and recently Susie has been asking me what we would be making for her teacher, Mrs. E this year. Susie loves Mrs. E, and so do I. Mrs. E has been Susie’s teacher for two years now and we always make her a small handmade gift to show our appreciation and love. This year we decided to make a canvas love bag. Mrs. E shares her room with other teachers, so she is always carting stuff in and out of the classroom. We thought a nice handmade bag would be useful and still a thoughtful gift.


  • Paint
  • Pencils
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • Canvas bag
  • Piece of paper

We drew a heart out on the piece of paper and cut it out, this was going to provide the outline for our heart. 


Put tape on the back of the heart.

Put tape on the back of the heart.

Next we dipped the erasers of the pencils into the paint and dotted them around the heart. Susie wanted to use red, pink, and white paint in honor of Valentine’s day.


Once there was a nice outline of the entire heart, we removed the paper.

Bye bye paper heart.

Bye bye paper heart.

We filled in the heart with more dots, and outlined the heart with our brush. 


 Now it was time to let the paint dry, so that we could begin work on the other side of the bag.

Susie and I decided that it would be fun to write the word, “Love” on the bag using her hand as the, “O.” 


We love making homemade gifts for the important people in our lives, and Susie is very excited to give her gift to Mrs. E. We both love how Mrs. E new bag turned out and I am sure she will too.  

 image image


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