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Hatch an Easter Chick – Easter Craft


Every year at Easter there are so many people who get baby chicks for their children. While they are cute for a little while it just isn’t a good plan. Chicks grow up to be Chickens or Ducks. Kids aren’t the best at taking care of Chickens or Ducks as pets and frankly they aren’t meant to be pets. 

Today we hatched baby chicks at our house! It’s a fun Easter craft that my kids love.

What you Need:

Plastic Egg
Yellow Cotton Balls – you can buy yellow at a craft store or dye them yellow with food coloring
Orange Construction Paper for a Beak
Wiggly Eyes


Start by placing a dollop of glue in the bottom of your plastic egg

Hatch an Easter Chick


Stick your yellow “body” cotton ball to the glue.

Hatch an Easter Chick

While  it is drying add wiggly eyes and a triangle beak to your “head” cotton ball

Hatch an Easter Chick


Once the eyes and head have dried glue the head to the body and you have a cute little chick!

Hatch an Easter Chick

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