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Homemade 3D Photo Sucker Valentines for School

I know that I could just go to the drug store, or grocery and pick up a pack of easy and cheap Valentines, but I kinda feel bad that I haven’t contributed much to the class this year. The kiddo and I decided to make up some actually pretty quick and simple homemade Valentines of our own!

You need to take a photo of your child in a position where it looks like they are holding a giant sucker stick. If you have a white stick or pvc pipe they could actually hold that would be great too! Be sure to think of composition in your picture. You need space for the sucker to stick out of their hands.

Open the photo in your favorite picture editor and add any wording or cute hearts that you like. You can also draw in a white line to make it look like a stick is between their hands if you weren’t able to have them actually hold one in the picture.

Print them out on photo paper. I used 5×7 size.

Cut some small slits at each hand. Big enough for the sucker stick, but not too big, or they will be able to slide out easily. I used a tiny utility knife on a piece of cardboard.

Slide the sucker between the slits.

Be the hit of the class Valentine’s party!


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