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Ice Balloon Balls

I have seen it floating around Pinterest and had it in the back of my mind to do.  Since it is so cold here right now it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give them a try!   Of course I couldn’t find any balloons but I remembered that we had some in our Boom Boom Balloon game! Those were perfect.


Ice Balloon Balls

First you add food coloring to your balloons. I decided to use Gel Food Color as I thought it might be less messy and not mix with the water until I tied the balloon and shook.  After adding food color you can fill your balloons normally. For us it was the bathroom sink.  FYI, be careful as the water tends to want to shoot up out of the balloon and gel food color is pretty messy.  I don’t have any photos of the balloons being filled as that turned out to be quite the mess.  Here they are after being filled and sitting in the sink ready to go outside. We chose to do them in three different sizes and colors.


Ice Balloon Balls

It was -3 here last night so I was confident that our balloons would freeze solid pretty quickly.

If it is not that cold you may want  to place your balloons in a box or something before putting them outdoors.

That much water could take 24 hours to freeze well in normal winter conditions. I just placed ours on the front porch and ran back inside before I got too cold!


Ice Balloon Balls

This morning we were excited to check the balloons and see our Ice Balls.

Removing the balloon was very easy. It just peeled away.

Ice Balloon Balls

 Look at how great they turned out!

Ice Balloon Balls  Ice Balloon Balls

We rolled them around the yard for a while and then decided to make something out of them.

Ice Balloon Balls

Gosh, what could we make from three balls of different sizes. We thought and thought. And then!

Balloon Ice Balls

We made an ice man!

Making Balloon Ice Balls was a lot of fun and we already have ideas for our next try. We plan on getting different sizes and shapes of balloons to fill with colored water so that we can build something extra cool from them!

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