Joy for All makes the Holidays Bright for Seniors

This post was sponsored by Hasbro’s Joy For All brand  as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Hasbro is known for providing great play experiences for children and now with their Joy For All Companion Pets they are bringing happiness to the older generation as well. The Joy For All Companion Pets are designed to mimic the feel, sound and reactions of a real puppy or cat. And, it does! The pup resembles a golden retriever and his fur is soft and thick just as expected. 

Look at his sweet face. His tongue looks like he could reach out and lick you at any time.

He nuzzles your hand as well as moves his head back and forth when petted!  When you pet him on his back you can feel and hear a heartbeat sensation that will make you do a double take, is he alive or is he your Joy for All Companion Pet?

  When you interact with him he will make sweet little puppy noises and bark.  We found that the bark can be muted easily if that is disturbing to your loved one.

With state of the art technology the Joy For All Companion Pets appear lifelike when powered on. They have sensors on their bodies that react to the touch of a human. I took the cat to my in-laws home and shared it with my father-in-law. As we unboxed it we were surprised at the feel of it’s fur and then when we turned it on we were amazed. When we rubbed the cat on his head he began to purr and closed his eyes!

Of course this meant we had to explore each of the sensors to discover what all he could do. He looked around, stretched, purred and generally interacted like a live cat but without the work of taking care of a real cat.

The puppy and cat each have an On, Off and Mute button on the bottom. They are covered by fur so you would not notice the buttons if you were not looking for them. They come with, 4 1.5v C Alkaline batteries already installed so the pet is ready to interact with your loved one straight out of the box. The cat comes in three different fur color choices and with a brush to keep its fur looking spiffy. The pup responds to voice with a bark, remember it can be muted, and its body responds to petting and hugging just like you would expect a live pup to do.

Find out more about Hasbro’s Joy for All Companion Pets on their website!  You can save 10% on the purchase of one with the code JOY2016.

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