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Leaf Rubbing Fairies Craft

Fairies are a favorite thing at our house. They are mysterious and magic. There’s one that picks up baby teeth and leaves behind money! My boys like Tinkerbell and her friends, Mia and Maleficent.  Sometimes things happen at our house and they think their fairy godmother is responsible. 

Over the weekend we took a walk and saw some great toadstools. Toadstools mark the way to fairies houses in case you don’t know! We also admired the leaves on trees and plants. We know that the leaves will be changing soon and falling off the trees.   Most of our conversation revolved around fairies and leaves for quite a bit.  Mommy got an idea! Let’s make fairies and dress them in leaves! 

We collected a few different leaves and set off for home to make our fairies happen.  This is another super simple but fun craft to do with the kids! 

First you will need to draw or print a human body and cut it out.  You can find the one that I used here. I suggest using cardstock for this. Draw in the face of your fairy and add hair. We used thin strips of construction paper for hair. 

Leaf Rubbing Fairy


Lay your leaves on a table with the back side up. It’s a good idea to choose leaves that have nice thick, bumpy veins. Cover your leaf with construction paper and gently rub over it with the side of a crayon.  Move your leaf over and again cover with the paper and gently rub.




Leaf Rubbing Fairy




Cut out your leaf rubbings and arrange on the body to form the dress and wings of your fairy!  


Leaf Rubbing Fairies



We enjoyed making our Leaf Rubbing Fairies Craft!  Pretending that fairies are around can be fun.

It has been a couple years since we made these. Sadly the boys have outgrown fairies but luckily for me our girl is getting excited about fairies and I am planning to make these with her soon! 

Do you have a little magic in your life? 




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