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Leak-Proof Food Storage Containers

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Food storage containers have been the bane of my existence. I find a set that has the sizes I need for my family and it’s either difficult to see what’s inside or they leak. Leaking is bad!  In the Summer we are always on the move which means I am packing picnic lunches for our family at least a few days a week. 


We don’t always get hungry at the same time so I allow my older kids to serve themselves when they are ready for a snack at baseball, the park or the pool. Those snacks are often fresh, cut up fruit and it has been particularly difficult to find containers that work well.  Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE to the rescue! 

With Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE I can pack a bag full of containers and they can easily pick out the one they want rather than opening each container to see what is inside. I love that I do not have to worry if they put the top back on well because the tops on these containers work so well and are simple to use. 

My boys are going to a Summer Day Camp next week and I feel confident that I can pack a yummy, nutritious lunch for them and they will not be coming home with their lunch boxes sticky and gooey from leaks.

 If you are like me you have a cabinet full of stained and microwave pocked containers that you need to throw away. Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers are stain and odor resistant and made with heat resistant BPA free material.The material is also crystal clear to provide 360 degree clarity so you can see the contents from any angle.   No more splatters in the microwave as they are designed with innovative vents that allow microwaving with the lid on and latches open to help reduce splatters. 

Rubbermaid BRILLIANCE containers stack perfectly to allow for organization in the refrigerator and cabinets. They are available in 5 different sizes that will store small or large amounts of food.

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