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#LeapTV for Healthy Little Minds and Bodies Giveaway

Samples were received to facilitate this review, however all opinions are our own!

Kids love video games.  However, we know that sitting around staring at a screen playing video games as a kid starts some bad habits that can carry into the teen years adulthood.  “Just one more level mom!”  How do we make sure our kids are staying active (body AND mind) while enjoying things they love?  LeapFrog has done it again with their line of “Fit made Fun” products that we have enjoyed.  Recently, the LeapTV was launched and we had a chance to try it out with some of our friends!

Leapfrog LeapTV


The LeapTV active video gaming system gets kids aged 3 to 8 up, moving and learning to an upcoming library of over 100 game cartridges!  This system has some really cool ways to play:

Body Motion: The motion sensing camera allows kids to jump and move to choose answers and play games.

Pointer Play:  The super cool controller turns into a pointer for choosing items, bowling, slicing, and more!

Classic Controller:  Made for a child’s hands, the classic controller is easy to use. 

We were very happy to learn that it has a built-in wireless connection.  With our network setup at home, it’s impossible to run an Ethernet cord to our family room, so having this feature was a must!

The menu system was very simple and easy to use.  Each menu option had audio feedback, so my non reading son was able to figure out exactly what to choose on his own.  He took right to the system, and was immediately immersed in the games.

Leapfrog LeapTVWe had our friends over to play the LeapTV with us, and they loved seeing themselves on the big TV!  We did have an issue with lighting, as our bright lights were behind us instead of in front of the kids so they appeared a bit darker on the screen.  The camera worked fairly well even with this set up, but in the future I will probably move my lamp  so it is in front of them when they play.  The controller easy very easy for them to use, even for one of our friends who hasn’t had much game system experience before the LeapTV.  

The games are really fun, and they even adapt to your child’s level after entering a starting point when you set up their profile with their age.  I think my son’s favorite was the bowling game on the Sports cartridge.  They answered math questions to super charge their bowling ball, then used the pointer to swing the ball and knock down the pins.  We played several rounds of that one!   He also really enjoyed playing with the animal friend he got to create on the basic system.  You build their environment and give them toys and decorations for their home.  There are games you can play with them as well.

LeapFrog LeapTV

We also have a big name gaming system and I was worried that my 5 year old would bore easy with the LeapTV, not so!  When asked which he liked better, he answered the LeapTV because he had more games that he could play and see himself on the TV!  Score one for LeapFrog!

Overall, I love this system and see it living a long life in our home!

Find LeapTV on LeapFrog’s Website, Facebook, and Instagram!

Samples were received to facilitate this review, however all opinions are our own!

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