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Leprechaun Handprints


My little Leprechauns had another day out of school today due to snow. We are tired of making hearts and things for Valentine’s Day so we decided to dive headfirst (or handfirst) into St. Patrick’s Day with Leprechaun Handprints.

To start we dipped a hand in paint.

After making sure it was well covered we placed the hand in the middle of the paper to make the handprint. 



While the handprint dried we thought it would be a good idea to make his top hat!  

Pro tip: sticking out your tongue makes it easier to cut out your hat. 

Leprechaun Handprint

Leprechaun Handprint









Next we dipped a thumb in green paint to make Shamrocks around the edge!

To do this you gently place the thumb down and then turn the paper to make 4 leaves of the clover.

We made several clovers around the edge of our paper.


We wanted to use our fingers as much as we could with this project so we traced

the tip of our little finger for the eyes and the thumb for the mouth. 

Glue the eyes and mouth to your handprint and then your hat.

Use a marker to draw in the stem of your clovers.




We love our Leprechaun Handprint and Thumbprint Clovers! 

The boys had fun making them and I added the year to the back so when 

St. Patrick’s Day is over I can put it away forever. 

Leprechanun Handprint








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