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Let Your Dreams Shine with VTech Flipsies

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Last week while we were reading stories and going through our whole bedtime routine Susie asked me, “What would it be like if we had a magic carpet in the backyard?” I told her, that I didn’t know, and we began talking about all of the wild possibilities.  The conversation ended with her declaring that Daddy should build her one for her birthday since it is coming up in a couple of weeks. 

Susie has a very vivid imagination, loves telling stories, playing pretend, and is always imagining what might happen. I knew she would love imagining and playing with VTech’s new Flipsies.  There are 8 different brightly colored dolls. Each doll comes with a wig, clothes, and accessories to help aid in the play.  The dolls each have their own dreams as well, ranging being a doctor, artist, baker, and teacher. We were lucky enough to have the chance to try out Jazz, who wants to be a  rock star with her transforming car as well as Grace who dreams of becoming a princess.

The Flipsies each come with two magic touch points on their bodies that allow them to interact with each other and the accessories. They will talk to one another, and have a wide variety of things. The Flipsies come to life by simply pushing the magic jewel that is around their neck.

The car transforms into Jazz’s stage.

Susie loves playing with the Flipsies and is already asking for some for her upcoming birthday. Just listen to her tell you how great they are.

 I told her that we will have to wait and see. I love that they are such creative toys, and that they all interact with one another.  The clothes, wigs, and accessories are also easy for little hands to change. Susie was able to dress and undress them without help which is a big help to me. I definitely see more Flipsies in our future.

Let Your Dreams Shine with Vtech's Flipsies  


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