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Have a little one in a stroller? Here’s a Halloween costume idea!

Ever since I had my second child , I have wanted my two kids’  Halloween costumes to match a theme.  A couple of years ago I came up with a Christmas theme for their Halloween costumes. Tossed around ideas about snowmen, a couple of reindeer, Santa and Mrs. Claus. I finally settled on Santa for my son and a reindeer for my daughter.


With much help from friends, YAY for friends!,  I was able to come up with a Santa outfit in October. Not the easiest thing to do for a small child, but when there’s a will, there’s a way! Ok, that was easy. Now what to do for a reindeer? I happened to have a brown shirt and some brown leggings, to girly it up, I made a brown tulle tutu. I  bought some elastic, cut it to fit my daughter’s waist and velcroed it together, cut the tulle into strips and tied each strip on to the elastic. Really couldn’t be easier.  Luckily, this time of year all the Christmas stuff is already at the craft stores, so I was easily able to find some reindeer antlers. I also made a little sign with her reindeer name on it out of scrapbook paper to wear around her neck.  I picked Dancer, I figured that was fitting since she was wearing a tutu. For their Halloween candy sacks, I bought a cheap, cloth red sack from a craft store and with puffy paint, wrote “Santa’s Sack”. I also bought a brown cloth sack and wrote “Reindeer Feed Sack”, for my daughter.  They loved their custom bags! 

You are probably wondering at this point where the stroller comes in. The sleigh, of course!  I have a double stroller so I wanted a large box, I recommend a big screen TV size. I went online and Googled Santa sleigh images and chose one that seemed easy enough to trace onto the cardboard box just by looking at it. After I traced it out, I cut it out and painted it red. I had some old stencils and stenciled some designs in gold to fancy it up. I also used painters tape to make a border, so I could paint a gold outline around the sleigh’s edges. Just remember that you’ll need two of these for each side of the stroller. And very IMPORTANT to make sure you are painting on the correct side of your cut out design. You don’t want to go through all the trouble of painting it, to then hold it up to your stroller and realize you painted on the wrong side of the cardboard design. To attach it to the side of each stroller, I just held it to the side of the stroller where I thought I wanted it to go, eyeballed places on the stroller that I tie it to and poked a hole through the cardboard box with a pencil. I then slipped a piece of red ribbon through the hole and tied it to the stroller. I think I did about 4 ties on each side. I finished off our Halloween ensemble with using a red cloth tablecloth as Santa’s sack and sat it in the back part of the stroller.

 I got so many compliments on their costumes that year and even won a local magazine’s Halloween costume contest and a trunk or treat costume contest.  My kids loved it and I enjoyed doing it too! It was a lot of fun to be unique! Hope this gives you some ideas on a Halloween costume for your kids, experiment and make it with your own flair! You can’t go wrong. I’m sure it will be BOOtiful no matter what!   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!





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