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How to make Safe Slime

My younger son loves slime and if he gets to make it he loves it even more! We have all heard the horror stories in the recent past of a child being hurt by some slime so we recently changed the recipe we use to make slime. This recipe is not only simple it also makes safe slime for your kids to play with to their heart’s content.

Safe Slime

What you Need:
1/4 cup Shaving Cream
1/2 cup Washable School Glue
2 teaspoons Baking Soda
1 tablespoon Contact Lens Solution
Food Coloring

Pour glue into bowl.
Add Food Coloring of your choice.  I always add a little more than I think I need because the next few ingredients make the color lighten up.
Pour in baking soda.
Add shaving cream.
Pour in contact lens solution and stir all ingredients together.
Once ingredients are blended together remove from bowl onto parchment paper and blend with hands while kneeding. 

Today we made a video that you can follow along to see exactly how John makes Safe Slime!

You can make one color or a few at a time.  We like to store it after we make it in plastic zipper bags.  My daughter prefers to play with it in the bags while my son likes to play with it in his hands. 

The food coloring can stain your child’s hands and be hard to wash off. We have found that using gloves while making the slime solves this problem however John does not mind if his hands are stained.

How to Make Safe Slime - Easy To Make Safe Slime for your Kids!



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