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Neverland Peter Pan and Pirate Theme Stroller Costume

Ahoy, me Hearties! A few years ago I turned our stroller into a Santa’s sleigh and had the kids dress up as a reindeer and Santa, it was a huge hit. I knew the next year that I needed to do something just as awesome.  My daughter wanted to be Tinkerbell last year, so I obviously had to dress my son as Peter Pan. But, how could I kick that up a notch? Blow me down, I know! I’ll make a pirate ship and incorporate Captain Hook.  

My first step in making a pirate ship was finding a cardboard box large enough to fit the length of our stroller, Costco has awesome cardboard type palettes that they will give you for free. It’s great to use the Costco cardboard because you don’t have to cut the box’s sides off, it’s already done for you. You’ll need two, one for each side of the stroller.  

After I got my cardboard, I Googled pirate ship images. I always try to pick one of the simpler shapes, it just makes my life easier when I’m doing these projects.  After I’ve picked my design, I lay my cardboard out and just try to sketch out the shape onto the cardboard with a pencil. It doesn’t have to be perfect, I’m not an artist and I can do it. If you make a mistake, just erase and redo the line. This is why a simpler shape is best. Use the tools you have around your house to help you sketch it out. Use your ruler for straight lines, I’ve used paper plates for circles and curves. 

After you’ve got it all sketched out and like how it looks, start cutting it out. I use scissors, box cutters, and even a pocket knife. Again, whatever works for you. Next, you’ll need to paint it. Using painter’s tape is a great way to tape off straight lines for the designs on the side of the ship. I recommend getting a couple of bottles of each color you need, for each side. Sometimes after the paint dries, you’ll need to go over it again. You really can be creative as this point. Use stencils for designs, use a cutting machine and cut and glue designs on. Make sure you leave some space to name your pirate ship. If you forget that and they may make you walk the plank! You can put port holes, or cannons on the side of your pirate ship too.  BE CREATIVE! 

Pirate Theme Stroller Costume


When it’s all dried and done, you’ll need to attach it to the stroller. I usually just hold it up to the side of the stroller where I think it looks best. I then eyeball what I could tie it to on the stroller. I then poke a hole through the box with a pencil. I tried to attach it at the front, back and middle. I like to find string, yarn or ribbon that matches the color of the paint on the ship and fish that through the holes I’ve poked and tie it to the stroller. You are going to see some of the string on the outside of your ship, that’s why it’s good to find a close color match. 

One thing I haven’t discussed was the mast, I was very much disappointed in mine, It was too flimsy and just was a crafting failure. If you end up making a pirate ship and have success with your mast, please pass on your crafting secrets!! 

To finish up my Halloween theme, I went to the Disney store and bought a plush Captain Hook. Overall, I think it ended up looking cute. You can obviously go a different route and have your kids dress up like pirates. Guess what my kids are going to be next year? That’s right, I’m recycling it! I’ve also used it as a party decoration for my son’s birthday party! 

I hope this gives you another great idea for costumes and I hope your buccaneers have a great Halloween and get lots of candy booty! ARGH! 


Stroller Costume - Pirate Ship



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