November is my Mom Month

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November is my Mom Month. Both of our boys were born in November and it also happens to be National Adoption Month. Together these things make me feel a special bond to the month and I always think of it as my Mom Month.   Our oldest son was two days old when we brought him home. I swear my husband and I could not keep from looking at him on the way out of the hospital. We were in shock that they handed us this tiny baby and let us leave! I do not think I slept more than a couple hours a night the first week he was home. I was busy watching him sleep (breathe) and marveling at the miracle he was.  The poor baby had terrible reflux and did not sleep well himself. He would wiggle and wake up often.


He lived in our bedroom in a bassinet and then a pack and play for the first 3 months and then one night we decided we were going to move him to his room. We setup our video monitor and tested it to make sure we could see his bed and hear him if he needed us. We then went through his normal bedtime routine and instead of laying him down in our room we took him to his own bed.

We were feeling pretty good about ourselves and my husband went to the kitchen to get us each a celebratory “We are rocking this parenting thing” glass of wine while I went to our bedroom to check out the baby on the monitor.  And then I heard the tiniest little cough and as I turned to see the sweet baby on the screen I saw instead a huge fountain of formula spew forth from his mouth and land on his face. I hollered for my husband and we both raced to his room.


There he lay in a puddle of puke with a tiny smile on his sweet sleeping face. Oh, what a mess it was to clean his bed, bedding and him up just so we could get him back down for the night.  We used towels and wipes and anything we could grab in the process. I wish we had WaterWipes back then to help with the cleanup. 

As you know, WaterWipes are a chemical free baby wipe that contains only two ingredients, 99.9% pure Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. And they are not only chemical free but also durable and effective for cleaning everything from a sweet babe’s face to a huge mess made by a tween.

Our sweet baby has grown to be a tween and we still reach for baby wipes to clean his messes or the chocolate off his face but now we confidently use WaterWipes.

What are some of your fond memories of the first year of your child’s life? Do you have an epic mess story? 



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