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Pinecone Spider Craft for Halloween

My family loves  Halloween. We were planning to go to a Fall Festival today to look for some cool new decorations for our home but it was rained out so instead we made some ourselves!  We collected some pincecones last weekend in anticipation of making something with them. I rummaged around in our craft supplies ato see what we could come up with. Our Pinecone Spider craft turned out so cute and they were very simple to make.

Pinecone Spider Craft

Small to medium sized pinecones
Googly eyes
Brown pipe cleaners
Hot glue, glue gun

Pinecone Spider Craft

1. Begin by snipping out 8 legs for each spider. They can all be the same size, or you can vary them. It is completely up to you and will also depend on the size pinecone you are using.
2. Bend the end of each pipe cleaner to create “feet” that will help support the pinecone.
3. Add a dab of glue to the opposite end of the pipe cleaner and insert into the side of the pinecone. Hold in place until secure. Keep adding legs until you have 4 on each side.
Easy Halloween Craft

4. You can now assemble the eyes of the spider. Add a dab of glue to the back of the googly eyes and press to the front of the pinecone. Add several because spiders typically have multiple eyes. For ours we chose 3, but you can add as many as you wish!

Just bend the pipe cleaner legs of your spider so they can stand. Display and enjoy!

Pipecleaner Spider

My boys had so much fun making these and we are already thinking of what we can do for another Fall festive craft with pinecones.

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