Pink Candy Popcorn


I’m sure you’ve seen us talking about the new bundle of joy that has entered Robyn’s family.  We threw her a baby shower to sprinkle the new addition with love and gifts!  Part of any fun baby shower are pink or blue themed treats! We were totally team Pink for this baby shower, so I made this super yummy Pink Candy Popcorn!  It could of course be adapted for any color or add ins to make it your own!

Pink Candy Popcorn

You will need:

Popped popcorn
Colored Candy Melts 
Sprinkles or other add ins

My local grocery ran a huge special on my favorite Skinny Pop popcorn, so I grabbed a bunch of bags.  It just so happened to be right before the baby shower, and I decided I would just HAVE to use popcorn in a special pink treat recipe for the party!

Spread the popcorn in a single layer on a large piece of parchment paper.

Microwave the candy melts to the specifications on the package.  You can use the Candy Melts that come in the bag, which are my preference, or the block in the tray, but I think the Wilton brand wafers taste the best.

Once the candy coating is melted drizzle all over the popcorn on the paper.  Do this to your preference, but I take the mid road and don’t do a ton, but not too light either.

Pink Candy Popcorn

Immediately sprinkle your favorite sprinkles or other add ins so that they can stick to the still wet candy coating.

Let set until hardened.  Break apart into individual snack bags, or in a large bowl for everyone to share.

Pink Candy Popcorn


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