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Plant a Truffula Tree with Me

We love Dr. Seuss! The books are cute and easy when learning to read.  The Lorax is a favorite movie at our house so we decided to plant a Truffula Tree!  Our Truffula seeds are Sunflower seeds and we will plant them outside on Earth Day but for now we are happy with our cute, fluffy trees!


What you need:                                                                     

Flower Pot
Potting Soil
Sunflower Seeds
Colorful Straw
Feathers or Fluffy Trim

Fill your flower pot with soil and pour Glue on a paper plate or other throw away surface. 


 Roll the top few inches of your straw in the glue.


Stick your feathers to the straw. We used two colors to make ours extra fun! 


Bury your flower seeds in the soil. Make sure not to water the seeds before you move them on Earth Day. 


Plant your Truffula Tree!



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