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Plant Memories for Mother’s Day

Every year on Mother’s Day my sons plant flowers for me in our flower bed.  This year we started early and made some special planters together.

My boys have outgrown some favorite shoes recently and they were not fond of the idea of getting rid of them so we decided to re-purpose them for planters.  This was such a fun and easy project for us to do together! 

What you need:

Mod Podge Outdoor sealer and glue
Old Shoes
Potting Soil
Clear Sealer


Your kids can paint the Mod Podge on their shoes. We made sure to get the insides of the shoe as well as the outside. I also tied shoelaces and modeled them as I wanted before we applied the Mod Podge.


Mod Podge Planter


Set the shoe aside for about 20 minutes to dry (longer if your mod podge is thick). Once the first layer dries you should apply another layer. Don’t worry it will dry nice and clear.

Mod Podge Planter


You can spray paint the shoes after your layers dry to give them the bronzed effect that was popular years ago for keepsakes but we chose not to. We loved our shoes too much to change them!

Edited to add: I found the cloth shoe needed a clear Sealer sprayed on it but the Leather shoe did not.  The Mod Podge on the cloth shoe turned white after rain so I put out the mate after spraying it with a clear sealer and it’s perfect!


Once your shoes are completely dry fill them with potting soil and then add your plant. I love my cute new planters on my porch and the boys enjoy seeing their shoes filled with flowers. We are all cherishing the memories of the fun times that were had in those shoes.

Plant Memories with your kids! Re-purpose their old shoes to make a cute planter to display.



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