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Recycled Ball Maze

We are constantly repurposing and recycling things at our house.  I recently decided to make a ball maze out of empty plastic containers and cardboard.  

Recycled ball maze

The first thing I did was to sketch out how I wanted the maze to work. I had planned on using cardboard tubes for part of the track but found that the tubes wouldn’t hold up to the weight of the ball or the force of the ball dropping on it. I decided to only use plastic containers and mount them to a large piece of cardboard I found in the garage. 

Recycled ball maze

I mounted temporarily using duct tape so that I could be sure all of the holes aligned properly. I wanted to make sure that it would function repeatedly as expected.  I then asked Susie to help test out our new recycled ball maze. 

I was happy to see that it all went as planned and that the girls enjoyed playing with it. Nate and I are planning on placing a larger scale one in the backyard for the girls to explore. I plan on having the girls paint the plastic containers and decorate the cardboard in the future to give it a more fun look. 

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