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NCircle DVD GiveawayWhile we were provided sample copies to review the opinions expressed are our own.

Susie is homeschooled, as I have said before and we have recently been focusing on biology. More specifically we have been exploring the animal kingdom, and how the different animals are classified and interact in their environments. I was recently given the opportunity to review some new and exciting science based dvds from NCircle Entertainment.

Sid the Science Kid Encyclopedia of Discovery – This dvd talks about 26 different science topics in short mini clips.  I personally really like the mini clip idea because it made the dvd easy to start and stop if we wanted to try to recreate the experiment. Susie always wants to watch Sid, but sometimes Brenda gets bored after a few minutes. Sid the Science Kid Encyclopedia of Discovery kept both girls engaged.

Susie wants to be a science kid.

Dino Dan Trek’s Adventures Swimming with Dinosaurs – We recently went to Chicago and while we were there we visited the Field museum. Swimming with Dinosaurs could not have been a more perfect companion to our trip. Susie kept talking about Dino Dan and how she saw “Sue” at the Field. This is a great dvd to learn and explore about dinosaurs while having fun exploring with Dan. 

Even Pooh bear likes dinos

Even Pooh bear likes dinos

Octonauts Crocodiles and Crabs – I am a personal fan of the Octonauts. I love that they not only teach the girls about the animals and their habitats but also how to help protect the animals. Crocodiles and Crabs does not disappoint. It is a great underwater adventure full of excitement and twist and turns. The girls and I enjoyed learning all about many different types of crabs and the saltwater crocodile. Everyone always enjoys exploring the ocean with the Octonauts.

Scienctific Exploration

Discover and Investigate with the Cat in the Hat – Susie like most children loves to ask questions. She is constantly asking who, what, when, why, and where? Discover and Investigate with the Cat in the Hat offers answers to many important questions. The dvd is all segmented into episodes. Susie loved learning about how rainbows are made, we then explored the properties of light refraction that were introduced in the episode. 

Scienctific Exploration

I typically don’t let the girls have a lot of screen time, but these dvds are a big hit. I love how they incorporate so much science curriculum into the dvds. We will definitely be watching these over and over in the future. These dvds are a great addition to our collection and ones we will be enjoying for years to come.  

Is there someone in your life who would enjoy these fun DVD’s? Make sure to enter below for your chance to win! There are some daily entries so come back often. Contest ends at 12AM on May 18th and is open to resident of the United States.

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