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Seamless Socks for Sensory Sensitivty and Picky Piggies

I was provided with a sample of this product to facilitate this review, however all opinions are my own.

I don’t know if it’s a “phase” or something has just changed, but my 5 year old absolutely cannot stand anything “bothering him” when wearing socks lately.  If there is a string sticking out, or the socks don’t fit evenly across his toes, or there is an overly large seam, he refuses to wear them and sometimes takes forever to find the right socks and get his shoes on.  It’s frustrating for us and for him!  I am not sure if he has developed Sensory Sensitivity, but maybe he just has “Picky Piggies”.  Regardless, it’s an issue for him, and I sought out to make our mornings a little easier for everyone.  We’ve tried turning them inside out, adjusting them, cutting off strings, and plain old pleading and begging.  Nothing seems to work.

After searching online, we found a brand of socks that are perfect!  SmartKnitKIDS makes Seamless Sensitivity Products including seamless socks, seamless underwear for boys and girls, bralettes, compression tees, and more!  These socks don’t wrinkle or bunch up, and don’t have bands at the top.  They also don’t have heels, so they will last much longer as our kiddo’s feet grows, which seems to be a constant thing here lately!  They are very smooth and soft!  They come in various colors and heights (ankle, crew, knee-high).  Also, no more stinky feet, they are moisture wicking to keep active toes dry!

Seamless Socks Sensory Picky Piggies SmartKnitKids

These seemed to work very well, however they do run a bit small, so be sure to order a size up.  I would love to have some for myself, mainly because they don’t have the band at the top.  I can’t stand the band leaving indentations in my thicker calves.  

SmartKnitKIDS Seamless Ankle Socks

Not only does SmartKnit make kids seamless sensitivity products, they also make adults seamless and diabetic socks.  They have an Active line, as well as socks for wider legs, and AFO and KAFO Socks.

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