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Shapes Coloring Pages Printable

 If you are a homeschool or preschool teacher looking for great printables for teaching shapes, look no further!  These shapes coloring page printables are perfect for your little student.  I am trying to focus on coloring and tracing with my son who is having a tough time with writing, so we are using these as fun worksheets to do at home!

Click each image and hit Ctrl + P on your keyboard or right-click and choose Print..  You can also download the PDF versions from the links below.


 Shapes Printable Coloring Page   Shapes Printable Coloring Page   Triangle Printable Coloring Page   Star Printable Coloring Page   Square Printable Coloring Page Rectangle Printable Coloring Page Octagon Printable Coloring Page


Or Download the PDFs here:

Circle Coloring Page
Octagon Coloring Page
Rectangle Coloring Page
Shapes2 Coloring Page
Shapes Coloring Page
Triangle Coloring Page
Square Coloring Page
Star Coloring Page


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