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Tea Light Ghost Decoration Halloween

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! Not so much for the candy but more for the fun. We enjoy the camaraderie of dressing up in costumes and spending times with friends and family. We also enjoy decorating for Halloween. Honestly, I am not sure which I like best! I do know that I love the Tea Light Ghost Decoration I recently made with my younger son and we are both looking forward to making more of.

This decoration is so easy to make and we picked everything up from a recent visit to Dollar Tree!

Supplies needed:
Battery operated tea light
Hot glue, glue gun
White and black craft felt

1. Begin by cutting out the ghost shape that will fit on the front of your tea light. A simple oval cut from the white felt seems to be a great start, then you can trim the edges to give it a ghost look.

2. You can either add the side strips as you cut the ghost, or create strips to fit the sides of the tea light after. Use your white felt to create the strips so they blend with the ghost.

3. Create the face of the ghost using black felt. Simple circles of various sizes make a nice eyes and mouth.

Tea light ghost decoration

4. Add glue to the facial features and press them to the front of the ghost. Allow to dry.


5. Add glue to the back of the ghost and the side strips and attach to the tea light.
Dollar Tree craft

6. Simply turn on the tea light to see it glow through the face of the ghost.

Dollar tree craft

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