The Young Scientists Club Clifford Magic Science Kit

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It’s no surprise that my kiddo is big into science.  He will be attending a STEM magnet Elementary school next year, and we are so excited!  We plan on doing lots of experiments and fun things this summer to get him really excited for school.  I feel that it is incredibly important for young boys, and especially girls to start in the pre-K stage with activities like this to get their brains geared for learning and being interested in the world around them.

The Young Scientists Club has a vast array of various STEM focused kits for kids. We tried out Clifford’s Magic Science kit.  The kit includes most of the tools you will need to perform the experiments in the fun instruction book that features Emily Elizabeth and Clifford!  You will need to add a few household items to complete the experiment, but you should have the items on hand.

The Young Scientists Club Clifford Magic Science

The experiments include such things as mirror reflections, rainbows, tornado in a bottle, kaleidoscope, safe chemical reactions(EXPLOSIONS!), and more!  The instructions are entertaining, and easy to follow with bright step by step pictures.  They also include the explanations for each experiment that is easy to explain to young children.

The kiddo was eager to go for the EXPLOSION experiment, so using the provided test tube, holder, and measuring cup, we added the ingredients and BOOM!!  Ok, well not BOOM, but the kiddo was surprised at what happened and loved it.

The Young Scientists Club Clifford Magic Science


You can find this set and the many other themed sets in toy stores and specialty shop shelves, online and as part of the company’s mail-order subscription series.

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  • My daughter naturally loves science. We’ve bought her science kits in the past. She has books about science too.

  • We spend time outside talking about what we see and observing changes. We ask a LOT of questions which often lead to experiments. We also read a lot and watch Wild Kratts, The Magic School Bus, and Curious George, among others. Mama also spends time on Pinterest… LOL

  • We love Netflix for Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the science guy along with older sisters science kit that she got for christmas with simple experiments

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