Tips for Water Safety and Fun!

This post was sponsored by SwimWays as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

My family loves to be in the water! Whether we are at the lake, the backyard slip n slide, the pool or visiting a water park we just like to get wet. Water play can be so much fun but we also have to remember to combine safety with the fun. I thought I would share some of my experienced mom tips for water safety and fun!

SNACKS – okay, this one should be obvious but apparently it is not. I can’t tell you how many times we have gone to the pool or water park or splash pad and been the only family with snacks. Never fear, the over packing mom is here! We love to share and always do.

SUNSCREEN – another obvious tip but one that I have forgotten at times. I have now gotten to the point of leaving sunscreen in our boat, our Teryx, all of our vehicles and in the outer pockets of bags I use for snacks. Sunburned kids are not fun kids! Protip: You can get sunburned even at indoor water parks as many of them have glass ceilings and the sun is shining bright through them.

PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE – It is so important to be sure that your children are safe in the water. We have trusted SwimWays since our oldest son was little. They are an industry leader in promoting water safety and helping children learn to swim. Our daughter graduated this year to the Paw Patrol Swim Trainer Life Jacket. It is Step 2 in SwimWays Swim Steps program and a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal floatation device for kids (weighing 30-50 lbs).

This life jacket provides:

  • Permanent flotation in the arms and chest provides greater mobility and the adjustable back buckle is out-of-reach for children, making it more secure for kids and convenient for parents.
  • The Swim Trainer Life Jackets feature soft fabric for a more comfortable fit.
  • The Swim Trainer Life Jacket is available at Target and comes in two styles featuring 3-D Graphics of popular Paw Patrol characters for both Skye in Pink and Chase in blue.
Toddler Life Jacket

I suggest bringing your child’s PFD even to places that provide them. It is important that they are comfortable wearing their swim safety jacket and that is the best way to ensure they will be.

TOYS – simple toys to play with in the water add so much fun! We have pricey water toys but my kids seem to like the simple ones just as well. Measuring cups, plastic drinking cups, cheap water squirters, foam balls and diving rings are all small enough to throw in a bag and haul around for a fun day. We have large water guns for home play and play with friends but don’t take those when we go to the pool or lake just in case we leave them behind!

SWIM SHOES – are not needed at most pools but we use them at the lake, splash pads and often at water parks. Pebbles, rocks and concrete can quickly tear up little, wet feet and that ruins a fun day. Again, you do not have to invest in pricey ones unless you want to. We tend to buy a few pairs of cheap ones as well as a good pair. I keep a pair for each child in my truck box just in case we have a spur of the moment stop at a creek or splash pad.

So far this summer we have been to the lake, a water park, the pool, done some slip n slidin and went creekin’. We can not wait to try out a new to our family water park in a couple weeks!

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